Farne Islands, 8th & 9th December 2007

starfish shiny edible crab

More late season scenic and seal diving off Glad Tidings VII. The weather forecast was awful but we had paid for accomodation, so we went anyway. We were very glad we did because Saturday dawned fine and clear and we got to go diving :-) Most of us missed the seals, but some were lucky, but probably they were all posing for Ben Burville's camera (great guy - very generous with his spare coats and hot chocolate).

The digs were excellent (good find Roger) with a massive lounge (complete with coal fire and big screen digital TV - perfect for winter evenings), super kitchen (and we made good use of it - nobody eats like divers after a day out on the boat) and warm central heating and comfy beds.

Sunday again beat expectations, with light seas and clear skies holding up long enough for one dive, though the promised storm blew in after lunch, by which time we were safely back in the digs - perfect planning.

Congratulations to Roger who is now one step closer to being a dive leader, and to everyone else for getting out diving in December :-).


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