Largs, 8th-9th March 2008

Also know as the Stingray TV sports tour :-)

Six of us, plus two guests from Excalibur SAC (welcome Mike & Steve) set off for a weekend of wreck diving in Largs.

Unfortunately, the wind lined up in the only bad direction for largs (SW) and a promised swing failed to appear on Saturday. Diving was off. For the sports fans, this was almsot a relief - two 6-nations rugby matches to see (Mike especially happy at the Welsh victory, everyone else resigned to watching England lose to Scotland), then two major upsets in the FA cup (Yorkshire folk cheer for Barnsley!) followed by a curry. The ladies, of course, went shopping.

On Sunday, amid news reports of the worst storm of the winter heading our way (confirmed by the shipping forecast for storm Force 10 later) we managed a cheeky dive on the Akka between squals and retreated to Inverkip for an early journey home. Too bad we only got one dive as it was fantastic and the vis (for the Clyde) was excellent.

We'll be back..

Iain C.

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