Anglesey 14th-15th June 2008

A pleasantly warm, calm and sunny weekend on the picturesque Island of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales. The Saturday evening BBQ was a culinary triumph.

YUSAC's RIB performed well for the first time in years, Kev delighted in showing his boat handling skills from his RIB, which seemed to include lots of ways to soak everyone in the other boat with high speed waves.

The diving was somewhat spoiled by a plankton bloom, reducing the visibility from the normal 'good' to somewhere between 'shocking' and 'nil'. Still, we managed a full four dives and had some spooky close encouters with the local giant spider crabs as well as blundering happily around the shallow wreck of the SS Missouri.

Big thanks to Lee who organised the whole thing - we'll be back, hopefully when the plankton is gone and it is worth taking a camera in.

Iain C.

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