Largs, 5th-6th July 2008

After our march blow out, we were blessed with much better weather this time round.

Two days of wreck diving to challenge our sport divers and newly qualified dive leaders.

Thanks to Stuart, we easily packed six of us, with piles of 15L cylinders, ponies, twins, stages, weekend bags and toolkits into one Mercedes Vito, enabling bargain travel depsite current fuel prices, Being summer it wasn't even dark at 11pm when we arrived on Friday night. The pub beckoned (for medical purposes of course, a drink or two to ensure a solid night's sleep).

Rain drummed on the windows early Saturday, but we successfully dodged the showers to load the boat and get out diving.

The Akka was our first target and provided a good dive, even obliging us with 10m vis, at least at deck level :-).

The Wallachia came next, an elegant old shipwreck, if a little silty.

After diving we nipped into C&C Marine in Largs and Roger nearly had a heart siezure at the price of Nitrox. We opted for curry for dinner, although next time we'll go somewhere else, as my meal seemed to consist entirely of onions and red food colouring.

On Sunday we tackled the Akka again and I optimistically brought my camera, which guaranteed the vis would be poor and I needn't have bothered. Otherwise a fine dive though.

For the afternoon we dived the Beagle, a delightful little wreck with a resident population of giant brown crabs.

Iain C.

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