Seasearch Observer Course, Sunday 19th April 2009

We spent an interesting and useful day learning how to identify various marine life, both plant and animal (and underwater it can be hard to tell which is which!). All in aid of the Seasearch program, which seeks to map out and discover our marine ecosystem in order that it can be preserved, protected and productive into the future.

I'd highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get better at critter spotting, wants an excuse to get an underwater camera (not necessary, but helpful for observing) or just wants to do their bit to help keep our sea fit for life. There wasd a video dive and lots of photos to keep things interesting. Also the organiser did a great job with the catering and we all had fresh homemade soup and bread rolls for lunch and an endless supply of tea, coffee and bscuits (she even brought in hot chocolate by special request!).

Look at Seasearch and Seasearch North East for upcoming dives and courses. ALso talk to Tony Palmer who is our club Seasearch Organiser.

And we all got a free hat :-)

Bring on the Bryozoans ;-)

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