Lanzarote, March 2014

Lazarote: Iain Crampton

What better way to open our 2014 dive season than with a trip to the blue waters of the Canary Islands :-). 19 Divers (including 14 students doing their very first open water dives!), spring sunshine - 28degrees C on the beach and really easy diving. Apartments 5minutes walk fomr the beach, dive centre literally on the beach, grab a tank, kit up and walk in to the best diving around Lanzarote. The water was relatively warm at 17C, the vis excellent and the life abundant - grouper, bass, octopus, cuttlefish, arrowhead crabs, even baby angel sharks and seahorses! We visited the cathedral cave, the rare red coral, the old harbour wrecks, went for a night dive (when the octopi are out and about), thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and came back with a bunch of newly qualified Ocean and Sport Divers. With food and nightlife to suit all tastes and the occasional bottle or two of local wine it was a very pleasant trip!

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