Whitby, May 2014

Nicolanda V dive boat, Whitby: Iain Crampton

The salty stuff - for some the first UK sea dives of the year and for me, the first sea dives on my new yellow box. Of course it is Whitby and it has rained half the week so the vis is less than fabulous, nevertheless we do a gentle drift dive in Runswick bay and for those who want something a bit deeper - the historic UC70 submarine wreck. We had far better weather at the coast than inland and all in all it was a pleasant start to the season. The water is 9C and warming up and ths vis can only get better :-)

Didn't take the underwater camera today, but did take a few pics of our skipper's super new boat, complete with lift.

See the gallery for photos. (images (C) Iain Crampton)

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