South Shields, June 2015

A full weekend of wreck diving from Spellbinder at South Shields. The weather smiled on us and the recent calm and spell lead to good light and visibility in a location that is often a bit dark. We dived wrecks of the Oslo Fjord, the Eujenia Chandris, the "Cider Wreck" (so called becasue of old pottery cider jugs) and the Ilios Some people came for one day or the other, some stayed all weekend and were able to have a night out on the town in Shields ;-) All the wrecks were covdered in colourful soft corals and anemones, having been below the sea for at least 60years and in some cases over 100years. Lobsters, crabs and other critters lurked in wreckage and a shoals of bib abd pollack were to be seen swimming around. All in all, a really nice weekend and four good dives and only one person needed gaffer tape to repair their dry suit :-)
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