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Loch Aline, July 2015

11 divers from the club headed up to the west coast of Scotland to dive the famous wrecks of the Sound of Mull. We stayed in a lovely, grand old house on the Ardtornish Estate and dived with Lochaline Boat Charters. (it is pronounced Loch-Allan, by the way). 6 days of diving, all the classic wrecks - Hispania (pretty as ever), Shuna, Rondo (getting better with age) , Thesis (now a sad remnent of its former glory) , the wonderful Tapti out off Col, complete with diving seals, the Breda of course. We also dived some of the lesser visited sites including the Meldon (photogenic and shallow) and the Pelican (silty but strangely satisfying) and the scenic Owleston Wall. With lunctimes in Tobermory and a bit of nature spottting on the surface (nesting White Tailed Eagles, Sea Otters, Porpoises) it made for a very enjoyable trip, not to mention our head chef and her amazing cakes :-).

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