Contact the club

If you want to join the club, or have any questions that aren't answered here please email or phone and one of the committee or instructors will get back to you!:
Phone (07880) 507597

We will respond as quickly as we can, but if you leave a message and it has been a few days, we're probably off diving!

The club meets socially every Thursday night from about 9:00pm. Normally in the Deramore Arms in Heslington. If you'd like to drop in and say Hello, please do - but be sure to ring first to check where we are.

Our Swimming Pool on Google Maps. Archbishop Holgate School, Hull Road, York, YO10 5DZ.

The Deramore Arms, Heslington Directions: Main St, Heslington, York YO10 5EA.

The Current Stingray Committee (Jan 2021 - Jan 2022) are:

Chair: Teresa Crampton
Diving Officer: Iain Crampton
Treasurer: Andrew Crowe
Secretary: Torben Orskov

If you want to contact a committee member or instructor, please email the Diving Officer (DO).

Club members

We don't publish individual club member's details unless they are on the committee. If you would like to contact someone in the club, please email the diving officer.

As a BSAC dive club, run by its members, for its members, the committee are elected every year (with the exception of the Training officer who must be appointed by the DO) and the club is run according to our constitution and BSAC's 'Safe Diving' rules.


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