Egypt, September 2004

The Red Sea the way it should be done - flying to Marsa Alaam, then onto the Royal Emperor liveaboard for a week of cruising Southern Egyptian waters, taking in the Brothers and Elphinstone Reef.

I loved every minute of it. Between Hellfins and ourselves we had almost the whole boat and we were left pretty much to ourselves to dive as we wanted. Ali and his guides have enormous experience and I can highly recommend them.

Highlights are hard to list, but deep dives on the Numidia and the Aida on big brother, hanging out watching Oceanic Whitetips and Hammerheads being cleaned at the tip of little brother and Elphinstone, seeing my first thresher shark, watching a giant manta ray cruise beside us for 5minutes. These were just a few.

Iain C.

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