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lionfish at Malapascua: Iain Crampton tony hangs out after a dive on Monad Shoal: Iain Crampton

To arrange a try dive or join Stingray, contact. our Diving Officer or Chair. .

Stingray is a branch of the British Sub Aqua club (BSAC). BSAC provide our training scheme and qualify our instructors. BSAC are one of the oldest and most respected diver training agencies (founded in 1953). BSAC is a non-profit organisation, run by divers, for divers.

Teaching is done through a network of over 1500 clubs run by volunteers. Each club member pays an annual subscription that keeps the club running and provides insurance and a monthly magazine, Dive (amongst other things). BSAC is the governing body for scuba in the UK and represents the interests of all divers.

Stingray membership is paid on an annual basis and includes national BSAC membership (Reduced rates are available to full time students, couples and instructors). Membership entitles you to training, use of club equipment and your vote in how the club is run. You receive 3rd party insurance, BSAC shop discounts and a monthly colour diving magazine.

Normal Branch Membership is only: 10! (Full Stingray & BSAC Membership: 67.00 - including 52.00 BSAC subscription)

New Divers, including Learn to Dive Course: 200

Reduced rates for couples and juniors. This includes: Full Branch & BSAC membership, Ocean Ocean Diver Training Pack, Dive Logbook, Pool Sessions, Dry Suit Training, Nitrox training and your very own Mask, Snorkel and Fins!

The Ocean Diver course includes a Dry Suit Course and Basic Nitrox training! BSAC are the only agency to include Nitrox training in core diver training.

Also this price includes your training materials and qualification card - which are often extra to dive shop's advertised prices.

You must be at least 12years of age to learn to dive with the BSAC, although younger children can take try dives.

Stingray divers considers each application for membership by minors on a case by case basis and will only grant membership where we feel that parents or guardians can provide adequate supervision throughout training and where we consider the child is physically and mentally 'grown-up' enough to handle the demands of the course.

Please note: We do our best to keep this page up to date, but they may change without notice, always ask for latest pricing. The learn to dive fee does not include open water qualifying dives. Open water dives are only paid for on the day. Most students require 3 open water days to qualify at approximately 40 per day, This is still much cheaper than any comparable commercial dive centre that we know of.

If you are already a BSAC member, you do not need to pay BSAC subs, just give evidence of current membership. BSAC Membership fees are reduced for instructors and more advanced divers, reduced rates also available for couples and students. Current fees are listed here.


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