Beyond Ocean Diver - Training with Stingray

Chilling out on a dive boat

Once you have completed Ocean Diver (or if you joined the club alresady qualified), Stingray offer the full range of BSAC diving qualifications. Each level prepares you to expand your diving horizons and take on more challenging dives. We also run a range of diving skills courses.

Diving Qualifications

Sport Diver: The next step from Ocean Diver, qualified Sport Divers can dive as deep as 35m and conduct dives requiring decompression stops. Sport Divers can also begin instructor training if they wish.

Dive Leader: With enhanced rescue and dive organising skills, Dive Leaders are qualified to dive as deep as 50m and to lead beginners on their early dives. Dive Leader is the minimum grade for Open Water Instructors.

Advanced Diver: The BSAC Advanced Diver has advanced rescue and organising skills, broad diving knowledge and is equipped to organise diving in unfamiliar and challenging locations. You must be an Advanced Diver to take the Advanced Instructor exam.

Skill Development Courses

Skill development courses broaden your diving knowledge and often count toward diving qualifications. These are just some of the courses we organise in the club or with the help of the BSAC region:

Nitrox: We firmly believe that Nitrox offers a simple way to safer diving, reducing the risk of decompression ilness. Basic Nitrox is now included in the Ocean and Sport Diver Courses by BSAC. We offer supplementary Nitrox Courses for people wihout a Nitrox qualification and Advanced Nitrox & Extended Range Courses for those wishing to use multiple nitrox mixes for safety or accelerated decompression.

Boat Handling, Chartwork, Advanced Diving Techniques: Prepare for an active role in dive planning or set out to discover fantastic new dives.

Lifesaving, Oxygen Administration, First Aid, Rescue Management: These courses will equip you to deal with an incident (be it diving or otherwise), if the worst should happen.

Instructor Development: there are a range of instructor courses, beginning with the Instructor Foundation Course (IFC).

Technical Diving

BSAC offer a new range of technical diving courses, for those wishing to push their limits and dive beyond the range of other divers.

Extended Range Diving: BSAC offers the ERD course which teaches the use of Nitrox for accelerated decompression. For Sport Divers and above, enabling depth progression to 50m.

Sports Mixed Gas: BSAC offers this courses for Sport Divers and above wishing to dive down to 50m depth using Trimix

Normoxic Mixed Gas: A supplement to the Sports Mixed Gas course to extend your Trimix diving range down to 60m.

Advanced Mixed Gas: For experienced divers wanting to dive to 80m using Trimix.


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