Dive Centre at Malapascua Island: Iain Crampton Seahorse, Gato island, Malapascua: Iain Crampton

If you'd like to give SCUBA diving a go, then before you commit yourself to a full course we highly recomend a try dive. For only £10 you get the chance to try out scuba in our training pool, under the supervision of experienced instructors. After your underwater aventure, we'll explain how you can learn to dive and gain a full qualification with us, should you want.

To arrange a try dive, contact our diving officer, (Tony Palmer) or Chairman (Iain Crampton).

So what happens at a try dive?

This is a one hour session in the pool, first we’ll greet you and show you the facilities, then we’ll take you through the 3 parts of the session:

Swimming: We will ask you to demonstrate basic swimming skills (don’t worry it’s not that bad!!).

Snorkelling: We show you how to use mask, snorkel and fins. No experience is expected.

Aqualung: Under the guidance of an experienced diver, you put on the scuba gear and we give you a taste of what’s it like to breath and swim underwater.

After the session we adjourn to a nearby pub for a short talk about the club and how to take the next step if you would like to learn to dive.

What do I need to do now?

After you contact the club you will be given a couple of forms to fill in and we'll arrange a date for your try dive (It will be a Thursday evening during term time). All you need to do is fill in the forms and turn up with your swimming gear and an old t-shirt. Then have fun!


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