Whitby, 5th & 6th August 2006

This was a good couple of days diving from our local port.

On Saturday we went out north towards the Tees to dive the SK Link, a big ro-ro ferry that sank in the 90s. Matt and I had a good long dive despite the near 40m depth. It was funny to be diving a wreck which was still painted blue! She is lying on her side & has collapsed quite badly, leaving a jumble of plates and at the stern her props and rudder are completely upside down. A big beast, but not much life on her at present.

On sunday we were a little closer to home and opted for the Athos, a shallower, smaller and older wreck, vis was pretty murky (which it often is off Whitby, but that's how we like it), but there was plenty to see in the way of lobsters and other crustaceans.

Report By: Iain C

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