Blue Lagoon, January 20th 2007

A bit choppy, but Iain is grinning because his suit is fixed! Clive and Iain in the sunshine (no idea who the bloke in the background is).

First dive of 2007! Clive R and myself went for a bit of a kit test immediately after the nasty January storm. Blue Lagoon was almost deserted, but the sunshine was out and we had a pleasant time. A big thankyou to Teresa, who came out to act as shore cover even though she couldn't dive herself. Clive and I got farily well lost and blundered into most of the underwater attractions. We even saw a solitary perch, so we know there are some actual fish in the Blue Lagoon somewhere. (Actually they have stocked it with some pike amongst other things, so there should be a few more soon). The big news for me was that my drysuit is finally dry!

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