South Shields 30th June 2008

A couple of us sneaked away from work for an evening dive at South Shields at the invitation of Excalibur dive club. Our first time on the Spellbinder II, which turned out to be a very well set up dive boat, complete with tail lift and jet propulsion, so no rudder or prop to get in the way. The weather was fine and the sea flat, which is all a diver can ask for.


We dived the wreck of the Eston, 24metres deep at this low tide, well broken up, but with the boilers standing proud and great lumps of machinery - winches, anchor chain and so on scattered around. The vis was good, with a slight tide running and the wreck was home to a shoal of Bib and numerous invertebrate critters that dodged away from the beams of our torches.

A good evening, with plenty of north eastern banter.

Iain C.

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