Farne Islands, 24th - 25th August 2008

The bank holiday was looking like a wash out, and with everyone in Scapa last week we had no plans, but at the very last minute (Saturday), We were in our Local Dive shop and they mentioned two spaces on a trip to the Farnes off Lee Hall's Boat, Farne Diver, on Sunday and Monday - snap decision made, kit quickly packed and the following morning we were off.

Sunday was a day of playful seals, nibbling fins, swimming rings round us and teething on my neoprene gloves. I'm sure our strange appaearance underwater amusees them and they cetainly amuse us.

Monday was a little rough and we feared diving might be off, but in the end we did two lovely scenic dives and lost count of the lobsters, large and small, the ling, the butterfish, the millions of tiny squatties. We even spotted a great big tompot.

All in all it was an excellent weekend, just a shame there weren't more spaces!

Gallery Photos courtesy of T.

Seal Video.


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